Week 140 of Gibraltar Diary

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Sunday 14th November 2010

When it comes time to pay the bill in the Rock Hotel restaurant, I find that I have left my wallet behind. We empty our pockets and finally manage to pay the bill with a mixture of Sterling and Euros but with no tip. That means we will have to go back to show we are not paupers. Ah, well.

Monsday 15th November 2010

A nice man comes to see us from England and later we give our long suffering poinsettia a severe haircut.

Tuesday 16th November 2010

We drive to Ronda for no particular reason. On the way we stop at a bar and have rabbit and wild boar while the TV deafens us in the background. The Spanish seem impervious to noise.

Wednesday 17th November 2010

The Market Hall used to be hidden behind some grotty shops but is now much more visible. Well done chaps.

Thursday 18th November 2010

This is not Photoshop but the effect of the sun rising in the east over the Rock and lighting up the Azamara Journey through a gap in the clouds.

In the evening we get stopped by Customs who tell us that our English car is not allowed into Gibraltar as we are Gibraltar residents. My love affair with Gibraltar is beginning to wear a little thin.

Friday 19th November 2010

We eat in the Timeout Cafe but the noise is appalling - morons bellowing at the tops of their voices. Then we go to Morrisons and are subjected to even more indescribable racket as we get on the Number 4 bus. These people seem incapable of talking quietly. The women just bellow like bull-frogs on steroids.

Saturday 20th November 2010

We queue to get across the boder with people walking brazenly to the front of the queue. We are on our way to see our car which is feeling lonely in Spain. My girlfriend goes to Primark while I sit in a cafe making a cup of coffee last for an hour or so while people queue for tables. Normally I would feel guilty but I am beginning to be pissed off by the incredibly thoughtless and selfish behaviour of people so fuck 'em.

If I read in the papers that 500 scooters, their riders and the entire clientelle of the Timeout Cafe had been swept away by a giant wave, I would just say "well, shit happens"

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