Week 139 of Gibraltar Diary

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Sunday 7th November 2010

We drop the Avis car back at Luton Airport. There is nowhere to put rubbish but people have improvised. Avis claim that "we try harder". More mindless slogans - do they think we are all stupid? Probably.

The flight back to Gibraltar is like a flight anywhere but it is nice to be home.

Monday 8th November 2010

The number 2 bus goes places that normal buses cannot reach - right up in the maze of streets in the older part of Gibraltar right up the Rock. And now it has got a lot bigger and shinier. Wow!

Tuesday 9th November 2010

It is the rainy season but despite driving hard we never seem to get to the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow. We settle for a Chinese meal in Puerto de la Duquesa instead. Nice.

Wednesday 10th November 2010

Off we go to Morrisons!

Thursday 11th November 2010

The weather is a little better and we wander around Ocean Village. The police have got an awesome new boat which is just the job for chasing cigarette and drug smugglers, I guess.

Friday 12th November 2010

Talking of drug smugglers, in the evening we go to see Mr Nice which makes me feel I wasted my youth. When I could have been smoking drugs and ogling naked girls I was studying Quantum Mechanics and Hamiltonians. Darn.

Saturday 13th November 2010

At La Canada there is some sort of fashion show going on. Hitherto, I had always assumed that in order to make an interminable and incomprehensible speech it was necessary to be a man but evidently not.

In Puerto Banus the pretty girls who stand in front of the restaurants are getting desperate as the weather gets colder and the customers few and far between. And almost half the boats are for sale. Brrr.

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