Week 138 of Gibraltar Diary

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Sunday 31st October 2010

Never mind the Virgin Mary on a piece of toast, this is a grumpy old man covering the whole of Europe - if you stand well back and squint.

Monday 1st November 2010

You rarely get a good view of Gibraltar from the air but this time we succeed. We arrive at Luton Airport and spend the night in a grotty hotel in South Wales.

Tuesday 2nd November 2010

This is the Severn Bridge on the way back to civilisation.

Wednesday 3rd November 2010

On the road again! So, what does "Oncoming Vehicle" mean? I have no idea.

Thursday 4th November 2010

In the evening we visit the Trafford Centre which is heaving with people anxious to get out of the rain.

Friday 5th November 2010

Our bonfire party is a great success and this year we even manage to light the bonfire somewhat, despite the endless rain.

Saturday 6th November 2010

Next day we mess with the fire but eventually it goes out having only burned about a third of the huge pile of wood which has been accumulating for several years.

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