Week 102 of Gibraltar Diary

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Sunday 21st February 2010

Well, I've bought a doubler for our Sigma lens which means that it can be used as a 100 - 1000mm lens instead of a 50 - 500mm. Was this a good idea? No. What you gain in resolution, you lose in camera shake. Back to the drawing board.

Monday 22nd February 2010

It's nice to be back in Gibraltar - I love the view out over the bay. But the weather is vile - wet, windy and mild. Maybe the sun will come out soon ...

Tuesday 23rd February 2010

While I spend all day in Gibraltar working, my girlfriend is having fun in the snow with one of her sisters and one of their dogs.

Wednesday 24th February 2010

This bird looks too cheerful to live in the snow but it evidently does. Later I realise that it is a Blue Tit

Meanwhile, I spend all day hard at work and in the evening fly to Heathrow. On the airport bus there is a man bellowing into his mobile phone and I pray that he will not be anywhere near me on the plane. My prayers are not answered and he sits down right next to me. It turns out that not only is he a mobile phone bellower but he is unable to talk without violent hand movements - you can see the full horror on Youtube here

There really is a strong case for Capital Punishment

Thursday 25th February 2010

My girlfriend is off having fun.

In the afternoon I go and have a look at a property auction which is very empty - the last one I went to was absolutely heaving with people. In the evening I catch the train to Crewe.

Friday 26th February 2010

At 12.30pm I am on a Bombadier Q400 Dash 8 to Glasgow. It feels like a second World War bomber, (hence the name?), but this one is apparently quite new.

In the evening, I fly to Heathrow and meet (eventually - don't ask) my girlfriend who has flown in from Copenhagen. We get the tube into central London.

Saturday 27th February 2010

At 3.30pm we fly to Gibraltar but the plane is diverted to Mallaga from whence we get put on a bus to Gibraltar. We sit near a moron who has a tinny IPOD which is even more irritating than the driver's radio which is tuned to some crappy Spanish station. We know that IPOD Man is a moron because he makes a whole series of moronic phone calls to his moronic friends.

Eventually we get home, thank God.

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