Week 103 of Gibraltar Diary

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Sunday 28th February 2010

In the afternoon we go to Marbella - the sun comes out but then it starts to rain. On the way back we notice that the enormous hole in the ground next to Aqa has turned into a fast growing block of flats. Amazing!

Monday 1st March 2010

In the afternoon the weather is beautiful and we wander down town. The whole of Gibraltar has had the same idea and it is absolutely heaving with people.

Tuesday 2nd March 2010

Fooled again - the weather is absolutely vile.

Wednesday 3rd March 2010

In the afternoon we eat at Pizzaghetti in Irish Town - good as usual

Thursday 4th March 2010

At mid-day I look up to see a couple of boats racing across the harbour. Nothing unusual about that - it happens all the time. But when I look closer I realise that this is our gallant lads singeing the beard of the Dons. Or anyway, seeing off the Guardia Civil.

Soon afterwards the British Jets ("hurrah") start coming over - watch it, Manuel, or we'll zap you. Makes you proud to be British.

Now Gibraltar may have very annoying buzz bikes. OK, they do have very annoying buzz bikes. But nobody does washing quite like the Gibraltarians. If they lived in New York, the Statue of Liberty would have knickers hanging from the torch and bras draped over its head.

Also very big in scenery ...

... and plucky little fishing boats ...

... and steps

Friday 5th March 2010

At about mid-day we finally set off for England! Not by plane but by ferry from Bilbao. Since the ferry leaves on Sunday morning we decide to take a leisurely stroll up through Spain

On the way we pass a couple of solar farms that have been badly effected by storms - you would have thought that was a predictable hazard but evidently not. We spend the night at the Alfonso VIII in Plasencia where I recognise some of the bread rolls in the restaurant from our last visit. The waiter insists they are fresh but we know better.

Saturday 6th March 2010

The next day we do a series of diversions to look at tourist traps suggested by the Tom Tom. It turns out to be a tour of churches. One of which is host to a whole tribe of storks

In the evening we stay at what used to be called the Sheraton in Bilbao but is now called the Miele. The main restaurant is empty at 9.00pm and we soon discover why - it is ludicrously expensive. We retreat to the bar which has a really excellent choice of food and we retire fat and happy.

Apart from this the Miele is wonderful and very efficient - pricey though.

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