Week 168 of Gibraltar Diary

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Sunday 29th May 2011

We wander round Tarifa for a while - mainly looking for a fountain to wash our hands having eaten awesome baguettes in the Main Street.

Monday 30th May 2011

We go to see Limitless which is very clever film. Of course, the hero is a writer and the villain is a businessman, as usual. If sheep suddenly became super intelligent I wonder how long it would take them to work out that God is really a sheep?

Tuesday 31st May 2011

And now for the Grand Finale of the week - the fire. Actually that should be THE FIRE. What incredible value for money. In my experience, fires are pretty boring. By the time you get there they have put it out and all you can see is a lot steaming rubbish.

But not this one. They did a brilliant job - they managed to keep it going for 15 hours at full bore. And when it looked like it might burn out they pumped some more water into the burning tank so that it would overflow with burning oil and blow up the tank next to it! Brilliant.

No doubt boring people will say they should know that you don't pump water onto an oil fire and that they should have had a carbon dioxide foam generator which would have put it out in 10 minutes and saved tens of thousands of pounds worth of totally unnecessary damage (what is necessary damage?) but that is to cavil.

This is the view from Morrisons in the late afternoon - it is just getting going.

It is 9.40pm and the fire brigade have announced, an hour ago, that the fire is "under control"

It is now 11.23pm and the fire is under even more control.

Now 11.40pm and we are beginning to get bored and go to bed.

Wednesday 1st June 2011

This is the morning after the night before but my girlfriend is cock a hoop - the local rag have used her photos in their report (ie the photos above). Actually, I may have taken one of them but there again, maybe not.

Thursday 2nd June 2011

Is this Gibraltar's answer to Banksy? Probably but try as we might, we cannot get the wall to come down. Probably because of the block of flats over it.

Friday 3rd June 2011

This is HMS Portland - again. make your mind up guys - you stayin' or goin'?

Saturday 4th June 2011

And finally, to cap a very exciting week, this is HMS Enterprise (H88), boldly going or possibly boldly coming, where plenty of men have gone or come before.

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