Week 167 of Gibraltar Diary

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Sunday 22nd May 2011

Some friends come round for the day and we finally drop them off late at night in La Linea. For some reason they run up and down the beach and want a photograph with all of us in it. Difficult.

Monday 23rd May 2011

This is Gibraltar's answer to the Red Arrows - The Blue Squares perhaps?

Tuesday 24th May 2011

So that will be The Beast at the Alameda Gardens' Zoo ...

... follwed by Beauty on top of the Rock.

This is a ferry being turned round before going in for repairs

Wednesday 25th May 2011

If Spain is where you go when you have sold your taxi (Jeremy Clarkson), then Puerto Banus is where you go when you have sold your fleet of taxis. It is Wilmslow by the sea

We spot Kerry Katona (very small - no bigger than Tom Cruise) but rush off before Katie Price turns up.

Thursday 26th May 2011

I really like the mime models (is there a proper term for this form of self expression?). Mainly because they are very quiet.

We have a delightful meal of sardines and wine - mainly wine - served right on the beach front. Spoiled only by an African Tribe of trinket sellers who have trecked across endless deserts to get to Marbella and will not take "fuck off" for an answer.

Friday 27th May 2011

This is HMS Portland (F79) leaving. Or possibly arriving. It comes and goes so often that it is hard to keep track.

Saturday 28th May 2011

At around midnight there is a silent thunderstorm (can you have a silent thunderstorm?). It goes on forever and is excellent value for money. Endless sheet lightning lights up the sky in total silence.

You could understand that happening in Germany where it is illegal to make a noise late at night but Gibraltar is the cradle of noise. It is positively illegal not to make a noise in Gibraltar. Noise is a citizens legal obligation. Call in at any cafe for further details.

The new airport terminal has been specially designed by experts to be a huge parabolic mirror which will really come into its own at 6.00pm on 21st June each year. Anybody at the focal point (in the middle of the queue for the border) will be instantly vapourised. Buy your tickets now from Old Mother Rileys or Herbal Remedies.

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