Week 162 of Gibraltar Diary

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Sunday 17th April 2011

I like the Audi R8. This is the first one I have seen in red

Monday 18th April 2011

Altrincham, since you ask.

Tuesday 19th April 2011

It seems they actually pay you money when they take old wrecks away - about 80 in this case. I had been expecting a hard luck story and a bill to match.

In the evening we go to see Source Code which is surprisingly good.

Wednesday 20th April 2011

I have a feeling this photo is upside down but maybe not

Thursday 21st April 2011

The services in Germany and Spain are just dreadful but some of the UK service stations are beginning to be tolerable. Westmoreland on the M6 is probably the best - it gives the impression of being owned by people who are trying to do a good job. Well done chaps. Or possibly, "well done girls"

Friday 22nd April 2011

Friars Roses - very nice cakes. Very hard to get a decent cake these days. Mostly wrapped in plastic with "Best Before 2020" stamped on the side.

The downside of capitalism is that it gives people what they want (cheap rubbish in the UK) rather than what they should have ( real cakes made with eggs, real cream and butter). Mind you, my uncle's bakery (Tom Coombs of Milborne Port) always had a queue outside when it opened in the morning.

When my uncle hit about 80 and had to sell it, the buyer ran it into the ground by using artificial ingredients, according to my cousin who worked in the shop ("it's not like it used to be" people would say). Founded in 1698 and destroyed in less than 12 months.

Saturday 23rd April 2011

About the only thing done by hand now is washing cars.

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