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Sunday 27th March 2011

It would appear that Segways, like much else, are legal in Holland. They say that in Germany, it is illegal unless it is expressly legal but my guess is that in Holland, it is legal unless it isn't. That is the way a country should be run. It is not the role of the State to boss people about.

Monday 28th March 2011

The barges tear up and down the canals - not like the Norfolk Broads where they endlessly winge about damage to the river banks.

The Hague is full of magnificent buildings - that is the advantage of just surrendering to the Germans whenever they turn up.

Tuesday 29th March 2011

Back in Blighty and the fog.

Wednesday 30th March 2011

In Chorlton-cum-Hardy a robin sings. All right, it just sat there but it could have been singing. Probably just resting between songs.

Thursday 31st March 2011

We are on a huge campaign of emptying the house of junk. Carloads of useless crap accumulated by the previous management.

Friday 1st April 2011

Why does anybody go to Nandos? The choice is chicken, chicken or chicken and you have to queue up like in a works canteen.

Saturday 2nd April 2011

Wetherby is a nice place but unfortunately our favourite cafe has closed. Most places that we like close after a year or so.

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