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Sunday 13th June 2010

At about 10.00am the soap, of its own accord, slides slowly and gracefully off the shower soap dish and drops unerringly in a perfect parabola down the side of the bath and accelerates across the base of the bath and then climbs the side and flies right across to the other side of the bathroom. All in one silent, fluid movement.

I try to make it repeat the exercise several times but it refuses to fly up out of the bath and just rattles around my feet. Very disappointing.

Monday 14th June 2010

Jersey has got some fabulous beaches. Not so fabulous on a black stormy night, though. There have been hundreds of ships sunk here over the centuries. On the rugged rocks - around which ragged rascals may well have run.

There are dozens of cafes - but none you would want to eat in. Unless you like Mother's Pride with artificial jam and margarine. A Betty's round here would clean up.

Tuesday 15th June 2010

"We're all going to the zoo tomorrow!". Well, actually, today. The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, to give it its proper name.

I like the gorillas - that is a nice gorilla.

I like the birds too - these look like super models

Wednesday 16th June 2010

The shopping areas look like a very clean version of the UK but with fewer chain shops, fewer hoodies and no Big Issue sellers - it is illegal to be poor in Jersey.

Thursday 17th June 2010

In the morning we set off to do some more beaches - this is one where lots of people drown, evidently.

To the airport where we are told off, very charmingly, for taking photographs.

We land at Gatwick where our new Tom Tom does a brilliant job of sending us into London on really fast roads free of traffic (it is continuously updated with traffic data by mobile phone). When we dare to disobey we instantly run into a traffic jam. It is like magic.

Friday 18th June 2010

On the Euston Road we are stuck for a few minutes next to an Audi R8 and I begin to doubt the Tom Tom's wisdom but soon we whoosh out of London on empty roads - it is the next best thing to having a blue light on the roof. Off to Luton and a plane to Gibraltar. It is nice to be home!

Saturday 19th June 2010

In the evening we suddenly decide to go and see the Hunchback of Notre Dame which is on at the Alameda Gardens Theatre right opposite our flat. It is great fun, although as usual I have not got the faintest idea what is going on - opera is better that way.

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