Week 27 of Gibraltar Diary

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Sunday 14th September 2008

If you have ever wandered how you move small boats long distances, here is one way. It appears that the Alexandergracht habitually carries scrap iron in the hold and some boats on the deck - clever, I had not thought of that. Mind you, running aground is not so clever.

Monday 15th September 2008

While we were away somebody has erected a couple of towers right outside our window. I wander round asking people when the towers will be going to be met with the same response "What towers?"

Meanwhile, the Lehman Brothers fiasco has precipitated a melt down in the Stockmarket - are we all doomed? Probably.

Tuesday 16th September 2008

Late in the afternoon there is a sound like a thousand banshees wailing and I rush to the corner of our building and see a clever platform descending - just like the Stockmarket.

Wednesday 17th September 2008

We go to the market in La Linea which consists of endless stalls selling very cheap looking clothes. There are virtually no stalls selling tools, vegetables or meat. Primark and Tescos do it much better.

On the way back we are held up by no less than three planes taking off, Easyjet, Monarch and finally a small prop plane. I always understood that it was dangerous for small planes to take off so soon after a large plane, but what do I know.

The castle on the hill was built by the Moores, who were early immigrants to Gibraltar ("these castles are very Moorish"). The nasty block of flats on the right is just a nasty block of flats built by much later immigrants - I'm surprised we let them in if they were going to do stuff like that. Oh, they were British? That's all right then.

Thursday 18th September 2008

For months I have been trying to get a decent photograph of North Africa and today I finally succeed. Although it may look close it is actually about 25 miles away and usually looks very hazy. Like the future.

Friday 19th September 2008

Most days there is something interesting in the harbour and today is no exception. What is happening here? Have they failed to keep up the payments or did they have an argument in the pub? I fear the explanantion is more prosaic - the rear tug is stabilising it while Logos II edges into harbour.

Saturday 20th September 2008

We go to a party in La Linea to watch a wedding video. In principle, this is an idea that is right up there along with School Speech Day and Fidel Castro giving a three hour oration while having all your teeth out. In fact, the video is extremely professional and the actors are very convincing and attractive, especially the one wearing the white dress. Even after watching it right throught twice I am only mildly suicidal.

A couple of the other spectators don't cope so well and have to be taken away by men in white coats

We are already planning our revenge with the aid of a three hour Indian Film, Om Shanti Om. " ... this cinematic feast delivered straight from the heart of the film industry will have you glued to your seats till the end."

So, bring spare pants if you want to leave early.

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