Week 153 of Gibraltar Diary

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Sunday 13th February 2011

At last! It starts to snow quite heavily - and then stops 5 minutes later. I think the problem was maybe the T Shirt.

Monday 14th February 2011

For once we have remembered to book a meal for St Valentine's Day - at the Hotel Adler which is next to the Golden Roof in the centre of Innsbruck. The meal is absolutely superb. So superb that we dare not spoil it by having deserts so we go just round the corner for coffee and cakes "covered with physical abuse" ("Schlag Obers" or whipped cream to you and me)

Tuesday 15th February 2011

We often hear helicopters but seldom see them ...

Wednesday 16th February 2011

We set off to Alpbach to find Erwin Scroedinger's grave.

Not only was the Austrian Physicist World Class (Quantum Mechanics and cats mainly) but his grave is also World Class Tacky. Indeed, an Austrian cemetry takes your breath away - it makes plastic flowers and gypsy caravans look classy.

Occasionally, you do see the odd bit of Taste poking through like a winter flower but not often

Every time you think you have seen the Nadir of Bad Taste (or should that be Zenith) you find something else even worse. This is the "decor" in the superb Mexican Restaurant near the Golden Roof in the centre of Innsbruck. The food is truly excellent but everything else is dreadful beyond belief.

Thursday 17th February 2011

These posters are everywhere - a Masked Street Procession. Something to look forward to on Sunday

Friday 18th February 2011

In the morning the entire valley is full of mist

For some reason we get confused on our way back to Unser Hutte (our hut) and end up at the airport just to the west of Innsbruck. The normal traffic is charter jets full of disappointed skiers - "they told us there was lots of snow" - but clearly you can land a light plane here.

Saturday 19th February 2011

The fridge in our hut has no freezer. Normally, we just leave a metal pan outside with an inch of water in it and - hey presto - ice in the morning. But our pan has been outside for two weeks and still no ice. For some reason, the water flowing into the feeding trough for the cows is covered with at least an inch of ice. You may care to stop reading at this point ...

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