Week 151 of Gibraltar Diary

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Sunday 30th January 2011

As we set off from Gibraltar the sun is shining over the Union Jack on top of the Moorish Castle. Makes you proud to be British - oops, I mean a Citizen of the European Union.

We fly into Luton and then spend the night in London.

Monday 31st January 2011

We are up at the crack of dawn to avoid the 10 congestion charge.

I never thought I would say this but English service stations have relentlessly improved over the last 50 years and are now better than in most of Europe. Wow! Can you believe that?

Tuesday 1st February 2011

Off to Liverpool over the Runcorn Bridge. Still there - despite the price of steel scrap going through the roof.

Wednesday 2nd February 2011

In the evening we go to see Tron Legacy in 3D at the Trafford Centre. Visually and audibly it is magnificent but the story is pretty silly. So what's new?

'Tron', incidentally, was originally part of Basic on the Tandy TRS80 Computer along with 'Troff'. 'Trace On' and 'Trace Off'. Not many people know that - including Michael Caine, probably.

Thursday 3rd February 2011

Back to London - this is the Freemason's Hall. There must be money in funny handshakes.

Friday 4th February 2011

By 10.00am we are in France and not long afterwards we are driving through Luxembourg. Land of cheap petrol and radio Luxemburg on 208m medium wave. "This is Horace Batchelor speaking to you about the amazing Infra Draw method". Not to mention Dan Dare Horlicks mugs for 5/- each. That was a lot of money in those days - at least a gallon of petrol.

We spend the night in Saar Louis but the snow has all melted and it looks a lot less romantic. We stay at the hotel Trompart which is wonderful. The restaurant is also first class. Which would you rather have - a choice of two options for each course, cooked brilliantly or a vast menu of overpriced average food? Me too.

Saturday 5th February 2011

Still don't know if this is a warning of radar traps or whether it is teling you that there are photo opportunities

We arrive at the hut near Innsbruck at about 3.00pm. The snow is melting and getting up the hill is very tricky. We almost slide into the ditch.

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