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Sunday 16th January 2011

As you drive north through the tunnel at Europa Point you can see the new structure designed to stop falling rocks. From there we drive to La Canada for our weekly pizza. Delicious.

Monday 17th January 2011

When I get up, HMS Iron Duke (F234) is leaving Gibraltar in the early morning mist.

I have often wondered how you would move furniture out of a flat in a tall building with no service lift. Now I know the answer.

Tueday 18th January 2011

In the evening we go to see Cher and Christina Aguilera in Burlesque. Rickie Gervais may not fancy Cher but she looks magnificent and the whole film is a triumph. Needless to say, the critics have slated it but they are wrong.

Wednesday 19th January 2011

We drive to the Time Out Cafe opposite Morrisons but they are closed. It is a good cafe but you should avoid it on Friday afternoons as it is full of smoking English builders swilling pints. The rest of the week is OK but try to get there before 3.00pm or you may not get any food "sorry, love, the chef's gone home"

Thurday 20th January 2011

The Gibraltar ice rink is very small but perfectly formed and is usually empty.

After my girlfriend has skated round for half an hour (£1.50) we go to see Luftslottet som sprängdesc or The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest to those of you who are not fluent in Swedish. Very unusual and impressive. Well worth seeing.

Friday 21st January 2011

We were supposed to go out to dinner with some nice people but due to a screw up that has been postponed for a day. So, we drive to Puerto de la Dequesa - otherwise known as Manchester on Sea. All of the Indian waiters are Mancunians, the customers are too and so is the irritating girl yacking on her mobile while she waits for a takeaway. Good food though.

Saturday 22nd January 2011

We go out to the Marakech Restaurant which is right in front of the Elliott Hotel. From the outside, like so many places in Gibraltar, it looks pretty crappy - like an army surplus sale that went wrong. You would not dream of going in unless you already knew that it is an excellent restaurant - which it is. Like General MacArthur, we shall return.

It is not enough to be good - people have got to know that you are good. Mind you, it is a nice change from the UK where they promise you "delicious home made food" which has just arrived from Brake Bros (Frozen Foods) Ltd (according to our host) on the back of a truck.

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