Week 135 of Gibraltar Diary

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Sunday 10th October 2010

We have not been up the Rock for months and decide to do it the lazy way in the Cable Car. Surprisingly, this is worse than walking up - going downhill really hurts my knee joints and I arrive at the bottom a cripple.

Monday 11th October 2010

Tomorrow we have to return the hire car so we go for a drive in the evening out to Europa Point. On the way we pass the Parson's Lodge Field Centre which has a gun outside which I have never noticed before - Gibraltar is like that.

Tuesday 12th October 2010

The car is due back at 2.31pm and we make it at precisely 2.30pm. The man looks puzzled. It turns out is due back tomorrow so he very sportingly promises us a refund despite the fact that it was hired by the week. Well done Crowne Auriga. Not only are you the cheapest but the nicest too!

Wednesday 13th October 2010

We go for a long walk to Casemates Square and from there to Ocean Village to admire the boats. We have a drink at Charlie's but it is not a patch on Brunos which has sadly closed.

Thursday 14th October 2010

Today our car is due from England and I know that it will be a big screw up. How they will screw up I have no idea but I know that they will.

For days we have been asking for progress and they assure us that they will ring us in good time. They don't. Then at 9.15am the phone rings and they tell me that the car is in La Linea "50 meters to the right when you go over the frontera". We agree to be there by 10.30am but when we get to the "frontera" at 10.00am there is no sign of our car. After a couple of phone calls we discover that it is on a huge transporter (we were expecing it to be driven by a man) so it is hardly surprising that the police have moved him on.

So where has he parked? Yup - in the Customs area which means that the Customs are now absolutely fascinated with our car and will not let us move it without paperwork, which, thank God, we have with us. This is like going into the Gestapo offices to get out of the rain when you are carrying a radio transmitter. Arseholes.

Friday 15th October 2010

In the evening we end up in Puerto Banus where there is a magnificent yacht, Elida moored up, crewed by the God Squad who promptly collar us. I explain that I fell out with Jesus in a big way when younger because he insisted on me sitting on hard benches when I should have been out chasing pretty girls and getting drunk.

Mind, you, if I had known he was going to get such a nice boats maybe I would have stayed friends.

Saturday 16th October 2010

We repeat our visit to Puerto Banus but it is a slight anti-climax despite running into an old friend of ours called Maria.

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