Week 123 of Gibraltar Diary

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Sunday 18th July 2010

Predictable as ever, we go to La Canada shopping centre for a pizza (they put in olives instead of anchovies but nobody - well hardly anybody - is pefect) that is simply awesome. Slightly burnt on our special instructions to maximise the cancer causing acrylamides. Scrummy.

Monday 19th July 2010

Some years ago, I had a test carried out that revealed that at 2 KHz my hearing is some 60Db down. That probably does not mean a lot to you so let me re-phrase that:

At medium frequencies, my hearing is 1,000,000 times worse than that of a "normal" person

Yes. You can hear a noise that is one million times softer than I can. So, why is that in Morrisons, even when I move right across to the other side of the cafe I can still hear the relentless jack hammer that is momentarily stopped in the photo above? Good question.

Tuesday 20th July 2010

The girls go off to the fair in La Linea ...

... while great art is gathering itself in our kitchen.

Wednesday 21st July 2010

Various pretty girls come round and cavort in our pool

Thursday 22nd July 2010

At about 1.00pm we all set off for Primark in Algeciras. An hour later, having gone round in circles, we are back in Gibraltar where I get a bus home. This is because it turns out that the girls want to stay there for several hours, if not for several days. And the Tom Tom is in a humorous mood and wants us to drive across a railway and up roads that do not exist. Mind you, we do get to meet a very nice horse who is lonely and does not want us to go without her. Sadly, we leave her behind.

My girlfriend then takes over the car and they wait behind a truck for 20 minutes. Eventually they work out that the truck is just parked and off they go to Primark. Phew!

Later, some lovely people take us to the Wok Restaurant in La Lines. This is a bit big and industrial looking but the food is excellent and the staff are very friendly. And although it is an "eat as much as you like for a fixed $$$", the clientelle are surprisingly svelte - in the UK or the USA the place would look like a Billy Bunter Lookalike Competition but not here.

Not only are they lovely people but they laugh at all my jokes (which, of course, have been recycled for environmental reasons). Even better, they laugh in all the right places rather than when I forget the punch line.

Friday 23rd July 2010

We set off to photograph HMS Chatham which has just arrived but this proves impossible because she is well hidden behind other ships. On the way we notice that they are creating blue lines on the road - that is a new one on me. Yellow and Red maybe, but what's with blue? Maybe it means "Motor Scooters passing here will be incinerated". Let's hope so.

It seems thet the King Charles V steps have been weeded or something because they look much tidier than a few months ago

I have no idea what this plant is but in Gibraltar you can probably grow just about anything

Saturday 24th July 2010

On the way into Jerez we pass an exquisite church ...

... and a more modern construction which has a different kind of elegance.

Finally, we get to the zoo where the girls happily wander round while I sit in a cafe surrounded by screaming kids.

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