Week 87 of Gibraltar Diary

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Sunday 8th November 2009

We spend the afternoon in Marbella and on the way back we see a cruise ship all lit up. This is the ... er ... photo.

Monday 9th November 2009

We set off across the border but it is hopelessly congested. My girlfriend sets off on her roller blades and gets there 20 minutes before I do. I sit in Aqua, where I spill my drink right across my newspaper, the table and the floor. Duh.

On the way back across the airfield we spot some really cool planes.

Tuesday 10th November 2009

This is the Orient Queen coming into Gibraltar.

In the evening we try to go to the Craft meeting but it is cancelled because the Round Table are using our room. So, we go to the cinema and see Jennifer's Body which is very nice as far as I can see - her body that is. As for the film, I hate horror films so selfishly insist that we leave. As we do so, the attendant asks us if we are OK and I explain that horror is not my thing. At this he kindly lets us into Gamer which is just starting at 9.00pm - free of charge! Not a bad film but not a classic.

Wednesday 11th November 2009

At 4.15pm we hear a roar overhead and frantically dash downstairs and get on the 4.20pm bus into Gibraltar. It gets stuck in traffic and the driver kindly lets us off (try that in the UK) and we walk to the airport and get a grandstand view. Wow.

In the evening we meet some friends in Marbella who suggest a bar in a street which conveniently turns out to be the only street in Marbella which we actually know. And the waitress turns out to be known to my girlfriend.

Thursday 12th November 2009

At 10.00pm we are trying to find the Con Arte Cafe in Benalmadena, without much luck. It turns out it is right on the sea front and has extremely pretty waitresses. Why wouldn't it?

Friday 13th November 2009

In the afternoon we have to go to Malaga to see a colleague who has flown over from the UK. Meanwhile, my naughty girlfriend goes roller-blading and notices a pretty girl sunbathing on the sea front and cannot resist photographing her. Sorry about that - I'll punish her later.

The traffic lights have a wonderful green man - click on the above photo to see him run!

Another nice thing about Spain is the sculptures which are all over the place - in the UK they would be stolen and weighed in (ie sold for their value as scrap metal)

Saturday 14th November 2009

We have been invited to a party tonight about 70 miles away but unfortunately my girlfriend only has 12 hours to get ready. At 11.45pm I am hopping up and down but finally she is ready and we set off.

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