Week 85 of Gibraltar Diary

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Sunday 25th October 2009

We set off from Gibraltar to Marbella ...

... where we admire the sand sculpture ...

... and the sunbathing ladies ...

... and return to Gibraltar to watch the sun go down.

Monday 26th October 2009

We only caught a glimpse of these planes - hence the terrible photo.

In the evening, I find to my amazement that there are no less than five programmes on the TV that I want to watch - all of them at nine o'clock. Namely:

BBC1: Life - David Attenborough
BBC2: Warren Buffett
Channel 4: Race & Intelligence
BBC4: Glamour's Golden Age
History: Soldier's Story

We settle down to watch the programme on Warren Buffett (the World's Greatest Investor). But something is wrong - all the programmes seem to be an hour late. Eventually we work out that the clocks must have gone back. Doh.

The programme on Warren contains very little that is new to somebody with an entire book shelf full of books on him and his methodology. Which can actually be summed up in one sentence "Buy slices of companies which are run by superbly able people during times of market panic and then do nothing for decades". But is nice to see a rich man so universally liked and admired.

Tuesday 27th October 2009

In the afternoon my girlfriend goes for a marathon skating session down the sea front in La Linea while I sit in my favourite Aqua posh cafe with a drink

In the evning a mystery ship sales by. Or is it two ships?

Wednesday 28th October 2009

In the morning HMS Lancaster (F229) slides out of the harbour and we watch with the result that we have to run frantically up the street when we see the bus coming. We just catch it and arrive at the airport on time. We land in Manchester where it is almost as warm as Gibraltar.

After half an hour to check that everything is all right we set off for Norwich. On the way we spot a genuine Porsche Turbo S - of which only about twenty exist in the UK. Nice.

Thursday 29th October 2009

In the afternoon we set off back to Manchester but decide to drive past the enormous airforce base at Lakenheath. We pull up on the verge and I wonder how long it will be before the police turn up. It is 10 minutes. The officer very politely points us to a better viewing area but there are no planes taking off now and we leave

Friday 30th October 2009

In the evening we go to Blackpool to see the illuminations - very wet and disappointing.

Saturday 31st October 2009

In the morning my friend Steve comes round with a van full of wood he needs to get rid of and we have a huge blaze as we try to burn out an enormous tree stump.

In the evening we go to a Halloween party . My girfriend is wearing a pair of illuminated horns and every seconds person says "Feeling horny?"

Have any of us ever said anything original? With a world population of six billion it is unlikely.

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