Week 75 of Gibraltar Diary

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Sunday 16th August 2009

It has been slightly misty for a while and they have turned on the fog warning hooter in the harbour. Like motorway "accident" signs there is always a big time delay - they only turn it on when it has been foggy for hours and they only turn it off when it has been sunny and clear for hours. So right now it is clear but there is a loud and persistant "beep" every few seconds that is driving me nuts even with the windows closed. So, I decide to turn on some music to drown out the sound. So what comes on? Yep - the "Beep Song" from the Pussycat Dolls.

A few weeks ago we bought a pair of magnets in a toy shop in Ronda designed to be fiddled with - if you hold them near to each other and let go they make a sound just like a pair of high tensile magnets colliding. Highly recommended.

Monday 17th August 2009

This is Monday so I must be on a plane from Gibraltar to Manchester - a plane with no power because the generator in the tail has failed. It is baking hot because all the ventilation is electrically powered. I am tempted to open a window but that may prove difficult. Behind me in seats 12D and 12F are two women who have voices like crows - super amplified crows. One of the crows reveals that her son never comes home! Well, I wonder why that is? What a mystery.

They talk none stop for 25 minutes until I can stand it no longer - I turn round and give them both barrels. "Ladies", I ask "Can you keep your voices down, you are blowing my ears off. I am deaf so God knows what it must be like for everybody else"

Blissful silence ensues, the plane finally gets power from a ground generator and the pilot starts the engines. Three hours later we make a faultless landing in Manchester where we find that they have kept a lane clear just for people called Iris. I make immediate plans to change my name to Iris by deed poll.

Tuesday 18th August 2009

Today I have to go and see some nice people in Liverpool and on the way back I call in at Birchwood Services to buy an ice cream. Just in case the Stasi are interested it was a Magnum Classic, but then I expect they know that already.

Wednesday 19th August 2009

My new Nikon P90 has turned up and certainly has a good zoom but seems a little slow and erratic on auto focus ...

In the late afternoon I drive to Norwich and stay overnight at the Ramada (where I had vowed not to stay again but somehow got booked in there). The internet connection does not work on my laptop but that may be my fault.

Thursday 20th August 2009

After spending a few hours wandering around and talking to some more nice people on an industrial estate I head for London where I try out the new camera in Russell Square.

Both of these shots were taken in poor light at maximum zoom so not bad really.

Friday 21st August 2009

From Gatwick to Gibraltar. Unbelievably hot and sticky so once arrived I stay inside with the air conditioning turned up or should that be down?

Saturday 22nd August 2009

I get a number 3 bus into Gibraltar but instead of going along Main Street it sets off round Queensway. Later I discover why.

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