Week 50 of Gibraltar Diary

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Sunday 22nd February 2009

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More Dublin street art.

Late in the afternoon we venture yet again up into the hills and, indeed, right up into the clouds.

In the evening my girlfriend does girlie things with a charming friend of her's - Eili, while I read the papers.

Monday 23rd February 2009

Very late at night we set off for the ferry to the UK. The cake is free and tastes accordingly but the main meal, as always on Stena Line, is excellent.

Tuesday 24th February 2009

We drive off the boat in the early hours straight into traffic chaos - endless road works and a major dual carriageway closed because of a crash.

In the evening we go to see The Reader with Kate Winslett. It is an excellent film but, as many people have pointed out, nobody is going to accept twenty years in prison to avoid revealing that they are illiterate. Maybe the intention was that she felt that somebody had to be punished for what happened? If so her replies during cross examination do not stack up. So, the film is brilliant but flawed.

Wednesday 25th February 2009

Yet again to the Trafford Centre to see Clint Eastwood in "The Gooks Next Door". Actually it is called Gran Torino and Dirty Harry looks well set to zap a few slopes but actually it has an intelligent ending. Good film.

Thursday 26th February 2009

In the centre of Manchester we spot a car which I have seen many times before all over the UK. This suggests that in reality, all the traffic in the country is just the same few people driving arround in circles.

Then later ... omigod! Not the Trafford Centre again? Well, yes, actually. This time we see Bolt in 3D. It would have been a really fun 15 minute clip in but as a five hour film it is somewhat tedious.

Friday 27th February 2009

We fly back to Gibraltar via Malaga where we play Hide and Seek with the person picking us up at the airport but that was only to be expected - if he was capable of getting properly organised he would be running a bank. On second thoughts, maybe not.

He also does not know when to shut up - another universal fault of taxi drivers. If people want to talk, they will talk to you - otherwise keep your trap shut and noise making machines turned off unless they specifically ask to listen to your taste in music. "Oh, yes, I just love Austrian accordion music". Not.

Saturday 28th February 2009

This is our first full day in Gibraltar for a couple of weeks and everything looks slightly different as our perspective has changed during our time away. For the first time, I notice a spectacularly awful sight near the Cafe Roxy - somebody has tried to outdo their neighbours in bad taste (no easy matter in somewhere with an English culture) by sticking hundreds of small coloured stones to a wall. Yuck.

In the evening we go to Spain to have a meal at The Taste in La Linea. Everybody is in fancy dress, including my girlfriend who is a bee or possibly a wasp.

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