Week 34 of Gibraltar Diary

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Sunday 2nd November 2008

Early in the morning we leave La Linea and walk back to the border in the cold rain and arrive home very tired.

On getting up we find that the weather has improved somewhat and a cruise ship of some elegance (Empress) slides past our window. My girlfriend is delegated to take a photograph, which she does with her customary competence.

Later on in the afternoon the sun actually deigns to shine for a while.

Monday 3rd November 2008

Today we fly back to Manchester from Gibraltar via Monarch. This is a vast improvement on flying from Malaga and enables us to proceed in a civilised fashion - we check in then have a leisurely breakfast at the Little Rock Cafe in Casemates Square.

On departure I notice a nice looking plane in front of us but what it is I have no idea. We arrive without incident and spend the rest of the day shivering while we wait for the house to warm up.

In the evening we go to the Pizza Express in Wilmslow with some friends. Is it my imagination or have the dough balls got smaller?

Tuesday 4th November 2008

In the evening we go to look in at Chill Factor near the Trafford Centre to see how they are getting on. It is not very busy - hardly surprising with a recession on and a website which is an object lesson in how not to do it. They have made the children's area look edible, which is a nice touch.

Later we have a meal at the Cafe Rouge. In order to qualify for our free bottle of Champagne we end up eating far too much.

Wednesday 5th November 2008

As I am still working on my long term computer project I need a huge source of words (for analysis of the relationships between them and intrinsic meaning) and accordingly go to Project Gutenberg which has trillions of words. As an example I download War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy and start doing some informal searches. After a while I find myself reading it. To my amazement it is extremely readable and before I know it I have read about twenty pages. Accordingly I buy a copy for 10.50. If the worst comes to the worst it will make an excellent door stop.

In the evening we spend hours trying to get our bonfire going and eventually succeed.

Thursday 6th November 2008

In the early hours our bonfire is still blazing.

In the mid afternoon we set off for Liverpool Airport. For once, the person on the check in is polite and friendly. In due course we arrive in Malaga and drive to Gibraltar in our hired Ford Mondeo, which is not a bad car.

Friday 7th November 2008

I spend most of the day just tidying up the mess that seems to result when you move from one place to another and just chuck stuff into bags because you are too busy to sort it out properly. In the course of this there is a sudden roar and a jet fighter shoots past while I play "hunt the camera and turn it on and focus it". As to what it is I have no idea.

Saturday 8th November 2008

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I spend all day reading copies of the New Scientist which were waiting for me in the UK. Meanwhile, the Ark Royal is open to the public just up the road but nobody told us! It has arrived for Rememberance Day and there is a lot of aerial activity. Oh, and some sort of oil drilling platform has arrived. [Edit: Oops! Oil platform it ain't - it is actually Saipem 7000 and it is the world's second biggest crane!]

In the evening we go to a nice little party in La Linea.

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